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September 21, 2023

IAMGOLD Sends Burkinabé and Senegalese Basketball Teams to Star-Studded Event in Rwanda

Earlier this August, two basketball teams from Burkina Faso and Senegal participated in one of Africa’s largest youth sports events in Kigali (Rwanda) thanks to IAMGOLD’s support. Each team was made up of 16 young basketball players and three coaches. The seven-day event gathered 10,000 youth and 250 sports hopefuls from 16 African countries.

The event gave the teams the opportunity to show off their skills in front of a star-studded crowd. This initiative is part of IAMGOLD’s ongoing partnership with Giants of Africa, which aims to encourage the development of youth through the power of basketball.


“This event was an amazing opportunity for our youth to shine in front of a lineup of renowned international basketball professionals attending the event in Kigali. I was very proud to see the young Senegalese win in the boys' category," said Oumar Toguyeni, Senior Vice President, External Affairs and Sustainability, IAMGOLD, who was in Kigali to support the young Burkinabe and Senegalese sponsored by IAMGOLD.

Among other dignitaries, the opening ceremony was attended by Paul Kagamé, Republic of Rwanda’s President, and Massai Ujiri, Giants of Africa’s founder and Toronto Raptors’ Vice-Chairman and President.


About our partnership

IAMGOLD’s partnership with Giants of Africa was signed in 2021 for a duration of four years. It seeks to encourage the development of youth through the power of basketball and create long-term opportunities to host communities.

Through the partnership, a variety of initiatives have been implemented, such as the construction or renovation of basketball courts (or other sports venues) in IAMGOLD’s host countries, as well as the organization of a variety of multi-day basketball and life-skills camps, such as this seven-day event.

To date, a total of three basketball courts have been built or renovated in partnership with IAMGOLD, two in Burkina Faso, one in Senegal.

This partnership is an integral part of IAMGOLD’s comprehensive community development program, which aims to contribute tangible benefits to our host communities by fostering economic growth, improving access to health and education, and investing in sports and cultural projects.

IAMGOLD’s investment with Giants of Africa totals $1 million over four years.


About Giants of Africa

Established in 2003 by NBA Champion and Toronto Raptors Vice-Chairman and President, Masai Ujiri, Giants of Africa has been partnering with companies such as IAMGOLD since that time.

To date, over 5,000 youth have participated in basketball camps and 20 basketball courts have been built across the continent. Giants of Africa aims to build a total of 100 basketball courts throughout the continent.


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