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September 14, 2022

Building close partnerships with our host communities and the Indigenous communities

Building close partnerships with our host communities and the Indigenous communities impacted by our activities is an integral part of IAMGOLD’s commitment to accountable mining and sustainable development. The help, support and insight we receive from our partners is crucial in ensuring we can maximize the benefits of our mining activities for all involved. 


This summer, along with Sumitomo Metal Mining, our joint venture partner, we were hosted in Nipigon by Flying Post First Nation for a day of activities and a community feast at their newly constructed administration office. Our partnership supports tangible and long-term benefits for the community resulting from the Côté Gold mine we are building in Ontario.  


Our meeting was an opportunity to celebrate our partnership. We would like to thank our Flying Post First Nation partners for their trust, many contributions and willingness to find common ground as we continue to develop and grow our relationship. 

Flying Post First Nation is one of three Indigenous partners on our Côté Gold project, along with Mattagami First Nation and the Métis Nation of Ontario, Region 3 

What they said about the gathering: 

“It was a pleasure to host this gathering and to have our Elders and community members take part in such a wonderful day. We truly enjoyed the opportunity to come together and celebrate our partnership with the Cote Gold Project and continue to forge strong relationships,Chief Murray Ray. 

It was a wonderful day, with wonderful people and we are all grateful for the collaborative and positive relationship that has been built over time and for which we will continue to work to make even stronger,” Craig MacDougall, Executive Vice President, Growth, IAMGOLD. 

We are very pleased to be part of this ceremony, as we recognize that good community relations are essential to the success of any mining project,” Makoto Umedera, Director and Executive Vice President, SMM Gold Cote Inc 

This exceptional partnership remains the foundation which will ensure that we continue to move Côté Gold towards a bright and sustainable future for the continued benefits of all the partners,” Oumar Toguyeni, Senior Vice President, International Affairs and Sustainability, IAMGOLD. 

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