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Zero Harm Vision


Zero Harm is the vision that guides all operations and activities undertaken by IAMGOLD. It is our commitment to continually strive to reach the highest standards in human health and safety, minimize our impact on the environment, and work co-operatively with our host communities.

Zero Harm is both a goal and a journey, and to help meet our commitments, we rely on partnerships with our host countries, with our host communities, with civil society partners and, most important, with our employees.

Together with our partners, IAMGOLD often brings high standards of operating safety, environmental responsibility and social sensitivity to areas without a prior history of modern mining or exploration. Partnering with our employees, communities and host countries to build a healthy, safe, sustainable future is not only the right thing to do, it is also good business practice.

Zero Harm Vision

Although we strive to conduct our operations in accordance with our vision of Zero Harm, our HSS policies don’t automatically translate into action without the guidance and active participation of those at the site level.

To support our vision, we have global policies and a comprehensive management framework for more specific guidance on various aspects such as community relations, environmental stewardship, risk management, and health & safety and continuously seek to facilitate collaboration between sites and corporate teams to develop and share best practices.

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