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Doyon Division Gold Mines, Québec



The Doyon Division is comprised of the Doyon and Mouska underground gold mines, located approximately 40 kilometres east of Rouyn-Noranda and 80 kilometres west of the city of Val d’Or in northwestern Québec, Canada. The Doyon Division covers an area of 2,258 hectares and is situated within the Cadillac-Bousquet gold belt in the Abitibi region, one of the most prolific gold mining camps in Canada. The Doyon property consists of 116 claims and a mining lease that covers 1,381 hectares. The Mouska property is contiguous with the western border of the Doyon property. This 877 hectare property is held through 22 claims and two mining leases.

The mines of the Doyon Division are readily accessible year round by existing paved roads and benefit from available water supply and electric power supply sources.

The 120 kilometre stretch separating the cities of Rouyn-Noranda and Val-d’Or is scattered with producing and past producing mining projects including: Mouska, Doyon, Bousquet, LaRonde and Lapa.

In 2004, surface drilling discovered the Westwood deposit two kilometres east of the Doyon mine. Continued positive results led to a decision to undertake a significant underground resource delineation exploration program.


The Cadillac-Bousquet region in northwestern Québec has been a productive mining centre for over 100 years and still holds great potential. In 1972, it became the co-property of Silverstack Mines Company Ltd. and the Québec government controlled Soquem Inc., which carried out exploration between 1972 and 1975. In 1975 Long Lac Mineral Exploration Ltd (Lac Minerals Ltd), took over Silverstack’s interest. Commercial open pit mining began at the Doyon Mine in 1980, and while underground mining commenced in 1985, the full transition to a wholly underground operation was completed in early 1989. The Doyon Gold Mine has been a significant producer of gold for the past 30 years having produced over 5 million ounces of gold.

In 1986, Cambior Inc. acquired an initial 50% interest in the Doyon Gold Mine and 100% of the Mouska property in connection with the privatisation of most of Soquem’s assets. Cambior became the sole owner of the Doyon Gold Mine by acquiring the remaining 50% interest from Barrick Gold in 1998.

Underground exploration at Mouska began in October 1987, pre-production development followed in May 1990 and commercial production commenced in July 1991.  IAMGOLD acquired the Doyon Division including both the Doyon Gold Mine and Mouska Gold Mine through its merger with Cambior in November 2006.

The Doyon mine ended operations in December 2009. In the fourth quarter of 2009, the Company approved a program to extend the life of the Mouska Mine to early 2012, through the use of paste backfill produced from the Doyon paste plant.


        Doyon Gold Mine acquired by Soquem Inc. and Lac Minerals
1980        Commercial open pit mining commences
1985        Commercial underground mining commences
1986        Cambior acquires 50% interest in Doyon Gold Mine and 100% of Mouska Gold Mine
1991        Mouska Gold Mine commences production
1994        Barrick Gold acquires Lac Minerals 50% interest in Doyon Gold Mine
1998        Cambior acquires remaining 50% interest in Doyon Gold Mine from Barrick Gold
2005        Resumption of mining at Mouska Gold Mine following deepening of internal shaft
2006        IAMGOLD acquires Doyon and Mouska Gold Mines through Cambior
2008        IAMGOLD purchases the participation royalty from Barrick Gold
2009        The Doyon mine closed in December. Mouska's mine life was extended to 2012.