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Westwood Project, Canada


    Outlook for 2012: 
    Main activities planned for 2012 totalling $198.3 million (after-tax credits) are as follows:

    • construction of a new surface administration and services building and a new paste backfill plant,
    • extensive refurbishment of the existing Doyon mill and installation of a new sewage treatment plant,
    • shaft sinking to a depth of 1,954 metres by the end of 2012,
    • completion of permanent ground support for the six-metre ventilation raise,
    • excavation of a six-metre exhaust raise, 
    • completion of 89,000 metres of infill and step-out drilling for resource development,
    • completion of 15,000 metres of vertical and horizontal development; and
    • commencement of mining in the Warrenmac zone for stockpiling ahead of the 2013 start-up.