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Côté Gold Project, Ontario



IAMGOLD is assessing the potential to construct and operate a new open pit gold mine on the Project property. Open pit mining operations are estimated to have a throughput rate of approximately 60,000 tonnes per day. The preliminary site layout proposes to install the necessary mine-related facilities in close proximity to the open pit.

The major Project components are expected to include:

  • an open pit;
  • an ore processing plant;
  • a maintenance garage, fuel and lube facility, warehouse and administration complex;
  • a construction and operations accommodations complex;
  • an explosives manufacturing and storage facility (emulsion plant);
  • various stockpiles (low-grade ore, overburden and mine rock (MRA));
  • aggregate extraction with crushing and screening plants;
  • a tailings management facility (TMF);
  • on-site access roads and pipelines, power infrastructure and fuel storage facilities;
  • potable and process water treatment facilities;
  • domestic and industrial solid waste handling facilities (landfill);
  • water management facilities and drainage works, including watercourse realignments; and
  • a transmission line and related infrastructure.


The Côté Gold Project is located in the Chester and Neville Townships, District of Sudbury, in northeastern Ontario. It is approximately 20 km southwest of Gogama, 130 km southwest of Timmins, and 200 km northwest of Sudbury, roughly 5 km west of Highway 144.

The Project area is characterized by gentle hills, forests, lakes and rivers. The Project area is located on two subwatersheds, the Mollie River system and the Mesomikenda River system. Additionally, the continental watershed divide is located south of the Project property, with the nearest boundary located southwest and more than 3.5 km from the proposed open pit location. Land use in the area consists of recreational activities by locals and tourists, including fishing, camping and hunting. It is also extensively used for sustainable harvesting of timber.


IAMGOLD acquired Trelawney Mining and Exploration Inc. in 2012. Trelawney had carried out exploration activities at the Project site since 2009.

Exploration activities have been ongoing in the area since the early 1900s by various companies and government agencies. More concentrated mineral exploration efforts were conducted in the early 1940s and from the early 1970s to about 1990.

Since its discovery in 2010, extensive diamond drilling activities have been undertaken to delineate the Côté Gold deposit.