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Disclosure Policy Committee

The disclosure policy Management committee (the “Committee”) will oversee IAMGOLD’s corporate disclosure practice and ensure adherence to this policy. The Committee will make recommendations to the president and chief executive officer (CEO) on disclosure policy and will keep the Company’s recent public statements under review to determine whether any updating or correcting is appropriate.

The Committee will be comprised of the President and CEO, Chief financial officer (CFO), the Senior Vice-President, Corporate Affairs and Corporate Secretary and the Director of Investor Relations.

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Designated Spokespersons

The primary spokespersons for the Company are the President and CEO, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the Senior Vice-president, Corporate Affairs and Corporate Secretary and the Director of Investor Relations. Spokespersons may, from time to time, designate others to speak on behalf of the Company or to respond to specific inquiries.

Employees who are not authorized spokespersons must not respond under any circumstances to inquiries from the public, shareholders, the investment community, the media or others.  All suchlike inquiries must be referred to the Director of Investor Relations.

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Disclosure Of Material Information

Material information means any information relating to the business or affairs of the Company that results in, or would reasonably be expected to result in, a significant change in the market price or value of the Company’s securities or that would reasonably be expected to have a significant influence on any reasonable investor’s investment decisions. In addition and further to its compliance with the regulatory requirements to publicly disclose forthwith all material information under applicable laws and stock exchange rules, the Company will adhere to the following basic disclosure procedures and principles:

  • Material information will be publicly disclosed immediately via news release through a widely  disseminated newswire;
  • Under certain circumstances, the Committee may determine that such disclosure would be unduly detrimental to the Company (for example if release of the information would cause prejudice to negotiations in a corporate transaction), in which case, the information will be kept confidential until the Committee determines it may be publicly disclosed. Under such circumstances, if a material change happens for example the Committee will generate a confidential material change report to be filed with the applicable securities regulatory authorities and will periodically (at least every 10 days) review its decision to keep the information confidential;
  • Disclosure must be complete in all material respects; it must include any information the omission of which would make the rest of the disclosure misleading (half-truths are misleading);
  • Unfavourable material information must be disclosed as promptly and completely as favourable information;
  • No selective disclosure. Previously undisclosed material information must not be disclosed to selected individuals (for example, in an interview with one or several analysts in particular or in a telephone conversation with one or several investors in particular). If previously undisclosed material information is inadvertently disclosed to an analyst or any other person, such information must then be broadly disclosed to the public immediately via news release via newswire;
  • Disclosure on the Company’s web site alone does not constitute adequate disclosure of material information;
  • Disclosure must be corrected immediately if the Company is subsequently made aware that earlier disclosure by the Company contained a material error or omission at the time it was given.

After dissemination, all of IAMGOLD’s disclosures will be monitored to ensure accurate media reporting and take corrective measures, if any is necessary.

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Maintaining Confidentiality

Any director, officer or employee of IAMGOLD privy to undisclosed material information is prohibited from communicating such information to anyone else, unless he is required or it is necessary to do so in fulfilling his duties or in the necessary course of business. Efforts will be made to limit access to such undisclosed material information only to those who need to know said information and such persons will be advised that said information is to be kept confidential.

Outside parties privy to undisclosed material information concerning the Company will be strictly instructed not to disclose such information to anyone else, other than in the necessary course of business, and not to trade either directly or indirectly in the Company’s securities or derivatives based on the securities, until said information is publicly disclosed.

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Procedure For Disclosure

All IAMGOLD news releases will be managed by the Investor relations department, reviewed by the Committee and approved by the president and chief executive officer. 

IAMGOLD will use a recognized national news service to broadly disseminate all press releases. Prior to the issuance thereof, the Investor relations department will submit each news release to the market surveillance departments of the Toronto (TSX) and New York (NYSE) stock exchanges. 

After public dissemination, all of IAMGOLD’s disclosure will be monitored to ensure accurate media reporting and prompt corrective measures will be taken if necessary.

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Conference Calls

IAMGOLD may schedule conference calls to discuss quarterly financial results and major corporate developments, whereby discussion of key aspects is accessible simultaneously to all interest parties or to the public in general, some as participants in the telephone conference and others in a listen-only mode by telephone or via a web cast over the Internet. The call will be preceded by a news release containing all relevant material information. At the beginning of the conference call, a Company spokesperson will provide the appropriate cautionary notification with respect to any forward-looking information and direct participants and listeners to publicly available documents containing the assumptions, sensitivities and a full discussion of the risk factors and uncertainties relating to the Company and the conduct of its activities and business. 

The Company will provide advance notice of each conference call and web cast by issuing a news release announcing the date and time thereof and providing information on how interested parties or the public in general may access the call and web cast. In addition, the Company may send invitations to analysts, institutional investors, the media and others invited to participate.

The Committee will hold a debriefing meeting immediately after the conference call and if such debriefing uncovers selective disclosure of previously undisclosed material information, the Company will immediately disclose such information broadly via news release.

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Market Rumours

The Company will not comment, affirmatively or negatively, on market rumours. Should a stock exchange or any securities regulatory authority request that the Company make a definitive statement in response to a market rumour that is causing significant volatility in the Company’s securities or the Company otherwise decides, the Committee will consider the matter and decide whether to make a recommendation to the president and chief executive officer as to the nature and content of the Company’s response, such as confirming “no corporate development at this time”. 
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Contacts With Financial Analysts, Investors And The Media

The Investors relations department is responsible for scheduling and coordinating all contacts with financial analysts, investors and the media. 

The Company recognizes that meetings with analysts and significant investors are an important element of the Company’s investor relations program. The Company will meet with analysts and investors on an individual or small group basis as needed and will initiate contacts or respond to analyst and investor calls in a timely, consistent and accurate fashion, all in accordance with IAMGOLD’s disclosure policy and particularly, all the while cognisant not to selectively disclose material information. 

Spokespersons will keep notes of telephone conversations with analysts and investors and where practicable more than one Company representative will be present at all individual and group meetings. A debriefing will be held after such meetings and if such debriefing uncovers selective disclosure of previously undisclosed material information, the Company will immediately disclose such information broadly via news release.

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Reviewing Analyst Draft Reports And Models

IAMGOLD will try to ensure, through its regular public dissemination of quantitative and qualitative information, that analysts have appropriate basis to prepare estimates that are in line with the Company’s own expectations. The Company will not confirm, or attempt to influence, an analyst’s opinions or conclusions and will not express comfort with or otherwise comment on analysts’ models and earnings estimates. 

IAMGOLD, upon request, will review analysts’ draft research reports or models for the purpose of ensuring there are no factual errors, omissions or obvious misstatements contained in such draft reports or models, based on publicly disclosed information. 

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Distributing Analyst Reports

Analyst reports are proprietary products of the analyst’s firm. Re-circulating a report made by any analyst may be viewed as an endorsement by the Company of such report. For these reasons, the Company will not provide analyst reports through any means to persons outside of the Company, including posting such information on its Web site. 
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Forward-looking Information

A forward-looking statement made in any of the Company’s written documents or oral statements will be identified as such and accompanied with meaningful cautionary language warning investors and readers that there is a risk that the statement could change materially, is based only on assumption and uncertaninty and referring them to the risk factors disclosure in IAMGOLD’s Annual Information Form. 
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Policy Awareness

The disclosure policy will be circulated to all directors, officers and employees, including those who may have access to undisclosed material information.
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